“Montréal: smile – your CCTV cameras don’t work”
Artículo publicado en Anarchist News el 03/04/2013

[…] To fill fire extinguishers with paint:
– Only some extinguishers can be refilled; they are usually silver, come in smaller backpack sizes and larger sizes, and the top can screw off.
– Empty the extinguisher of its contents and pressure, and unscrew the top. For the large version, pour a gallon of latex paint into the top with a funnel, and then half that amount of water. There should still be enough room for air.
– Replace the top and shake for a few minutes to mix its contents.
– Pressurize the extinguisher to the green zone on the gauge with a bike pump.
– Wipe down with rubbing alcohol to remove any prints.
– Useful for out-of-reach cameras, enormous graffiti, riot police visors and police vehicle windows to obscure their vision during demonstrations – the possibilities are endless!

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